December 27, 2017

Have you ever experienced a moment of instant gratification, immediate calmness, and an extreme release of pressure? Let me be clear…. These are three feelings entering your domain in the same moment. This is an attack on ANXIETY build up Ya'll!

Apprehensions have taken over me impacting many things as a result of these moments. While anxiety is the forefront of this blog; it is not the purpose. Fun, Facts & Mindful Body, has helped me to overcome these moments of anxiety, while pausing the onset of temporary insanity & assist with using that moment to embrace gratification, calmness and the release of the pressure.

Let’s talk about Earth, the reason for this blog…. 


The experience of Lavender and Rosemary aromas in the shower at the start of my morning is HUGE in my daily routines. Lavender essential oil has so many hidden gems within. Lavender, forming from the Latin term Lavare meaning to wash, speaks for itself and that's why this product works so well when bathing.  It has been said that this pure essential oil is as effective as some pharmaceutical drugs to help in relaxation.  I am not an expert in that aspect; however EARTH certainly does the trick for me! The fresh rosemary is only an added plus to the benefits. It has been said,  rosemary has benefits that protect skin cells. The combination of lavender and rosemary aromas bring stillness to a perfect morning start.

I am not licensed to practice medicine and am not a scientist, these are merely personal experiences and am sharing to help others live in their moment. Enjoy!


Fun, Facts & Mindful Body

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