Let’s Talk about this LOGO…

February 8, 2018




Let’s Talk about this LOGO…


After reading my Bio, many will have an understanding of the birth of Fun, Facts & Mindful Body. I will take a brief second to recap. FFMB started with the Natural Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub product line being a limited ingredient bathing solution with an added aromatic touch. In the beginning phases, I had no idea the benefits I would reap from using limited ingredient body care solutions.  I'm a crafter and it was something fun to do. At a certain point I added some essential oils and WoooLahhhhh…. Light bulb clicked. I discovered the Scrubs not only helped with feminine health but also offered some aromatherapy solutions assisting built up anxiety, stress, etc. I could go on with the endless benefits of the products but the most important of all is the scrubs made me HAPPY!


After gifting natural body care and a few compliments from family and friends, I perfected my recipe, chandeliers gleamed and the development of what has become a part of my life and what it is I love to do, Fun, Facts & Mindful Body, LLC broke ground. I have since expanded the product lines adding moisturizers, hair products and more.


Marketing my brand and what I do for holistic wellness is fun to me. I live what I create and use my products daily, nature has spoken and said, "Girl this is what works!" 


Essential oils and the benefits have help me to start and end my days with a clearer mind. Some lifetime struggles have allowed me to gain momentum and learn what taking care of myself really is.


When developing my business logo, my sister came to thought. First question at hand- What do you want out of this? I want growth, continued open opportunities, and for others to find their peace through my products and help live in their moment. I also want to give back to a cause directly related to my sister's testimony or other non profit organizations that are near and dear to me through my business. 



I say all of this to explain my FFMB Logo, a dark distressed rose vine encircling a soft collection of faded colorful roses. This is the bitter and the sweet; as, the reason for aromatherapy and trying our best to live in every moment.



Thank you for allowing me to help you- you are a gift to me.




Fun, Facts & Mindful Body, LLC

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