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January 21, 2018




FUN, FACTS & MINDFUL BODY, LLC is a health and beauty product line offering natural body care products, many having aromatherapy additives. I am Kamora, the founder of FUN, FACTS & MINDFUL BODY, LLC. All products are made in my home with love and singular attention and have become a part of my life, linking themselves into my daily routines with the end result of rewarded self-care experiences.


This experience began once I became more engaged with my body, wanting answers, needing cures and hungry for satisfaction. I began making an organic virgin coconut oil based shower scrub to help with some skin and bacterial issues. I have found, some soaps previously used for many years were not pure enough and agitated existing health conditions. What started off as a random experiment became my world. I learned the pure essential oils added to my bathing solution, creating the product “Earth”, also offers well needed aromatherapy. As a result, I spent more time with myself simply bathing but more importantly feeling better and starting my mornings off in a better spirit. Truth was revealed and a beautiful product developed “Self-tested & Nature approved”.


Shortly thereafter sharing and gifting coconut oil shower scrubs to family and friends, has grown into a packaged product offering solutions to others with skin care and health concerns. Additionally, the experience is generating amazing conversations and has helped me to discover what it is I absolutely love to do!


I encourage you to embrace the FUN, FACTS & MINDFUL BODY, LLC experience. I have extended the product line to natural body moisturizers, shower melts and more. You too can live in the moment and treat yourself to a better morning and becoming more engaged with yourself or a relaxing evening all while upgrading your body care and health needs. This is indeed life changing!

Take a peek at the products at

to see what options will help in your daily routines. Be sure to sign up for your email subscription to stay up to date with deals, promotions and more. Feel free to contact me at to discuss personalized monthly package plans.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about the birth of FUN, FACTS & MINDFUL BODY, LLC!





By Kamora

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